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Coulbeck & Dasein: United4EastMarsh

The Preston Community Wealth Model brought £73m (yes, that’s MILLIONS!) to the area in just four years. Why aren’t we doing this?

What is community wealth growth? It’s a two-fold strategy for council, community groups and business to work together and reorganise local economies so that wealth is not extracted but broadly held and income is recirculated. That’s it in a nutshell and it’s been tried and tested successfully in Preston, where, in 2013, they found thatContinue reading “The Preston Community Wealth Model brought £73m (yes, that’s MILLIONS!) to the area in just four years. Why aren’t we doing this?”

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Who We Are

Lee Coulbeck

Lee lives on the East Marsh and is a Key Worker. He is a founder member and Director of East Marsh United and alhtough he’s done his share of cleaning up streets and alleyways, he believes that councillors doing this work isn’t a solution – what is needed is a plan, a campaign, a growing community support for change over the long term.


  • We are INDEPENDENT of party politics.
  • We will listen to and be guided by the community.
  • We will look to shift power to the community.
  • We aim to generate a community voice and develop a plan for East Marsh.

Billy Dasein

Billy was born, grew up and still lives on the East Marsh. A core member of East Marsh United, Billy has helped bring a substantial amount of money to the East Marsh for projects around Community Arts and Education, Community-Led Housing, construction and the journey to the East Marsh’s own Community and Social Action Centre.

It’s Time4Change on the East Marsh

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Our Core Values

  • Independence – We will each make up our own mind about every decision without prejudice or reference to a shared dogma or ideologyIntegrity – Decisions will be made in a transparent, consistent and honest manner
  • Positivity – We will seek constructive solutions, reached by consensus, to support the community’s will and to prioritise the needs of the many over the individual, engaging others in discussions and avoiding simply describing problems
  • Creativity – We will be open to new ideas and will be constantly open to reconsidering what we do and how we do it
  • Respect – We understand that everyone has an equal voice, valid opinions and worthwhile contributions, which are always worth hearing.