Coulbeck & Dasein: United4EastMarsh

It was bad enough here before the virus affected all of our lives. We have experienced a strange and difficult time over the last year, made harder when it doesn’t feel like anything can change. We are working to make things better for people right across the East Marsh – but we can not return to a ‘normal’ that just wasn’t working. So:

  • Lee Coulbeck and Billy Dasein are standing as Independent non-party candidates working together.
  • We want to reclaim local politics from the systems and political parties that are failing us.
  • We want to take back power for our community by winning in the local elections in May.
  • Once elected, we will collaborate to make our council listen to our community’s needs.
  • We will look for positive solutions, involving others in the discussions, 
  • We won’t just describe problems
  • We will develop creative ideas  to refresh what we do and how we do it.
  • We are creating a plan for real change on the East Marsh.

The 4 planks of our campaign are:

  • Voice (People’s Assemblies) A space for you to have your say.  
  • Action (Cleaning up the East Marsh) A chance for you to get involved 
  • Money (Housing, jobs and growth) A plan to improve people’s working and home lives
  • Home (East Marsh Action Plan) A plan to improve our area for the long term

In summary, we will work to help the community find its voice, to take action for itself, to get the money to make our shared home

Stay tuned to find out more, but in the meantime please make sure you register to vote. Your vote can make all the difference.

Click this link: Register online (it usually takes about 5 minutes – get in touch if you need help with it, we’ll be only too pleased!).

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