Your Voice: United4EastMarsh

Our local political system is failing the East Marsh. You are allowed a vote every few years for somebody who represents one of the old political parties – London pulls the strings, organises the electioneering leaflets and so on. And then the elected councillor works in concert with other parties or blindly opposes the other parties because that’s how it works in London. Well, it’s not working here. Is it surprising that 76% of people on the East Marsh don’t even bother to vote at all? Here’s the choice: elect (fanfare) *A Councillor* or make real change happen together. We want our representatives to BE representatives and to have a genuine dialogue with our community.

  • We will be Independent from party politics – we will each make up our own mind about each decision without reference to ideology and by respecting everyone’s viewpoint.
  • We will listen to and be guided by our community – we will continue the East Marsh People’s Assemblies started during the campaign so the community can genuinely guide its representative in the Council towards community needs and wishes.
  • We will promote the idea of People’s Assemblies in the Council in order to steer the old paternal ways more towards deliberative democracy.
  • We will work with community groups to help build on the existing Proud East Marshian newspaper and the East Marshian Chronicles podcast to train, educate and employ citizen journalists and digital communications, recruited from the East Marsh itself.

We will work to shift democratic power to the community by setting up local channels of communication:

  • An East Marsh Assembly, a structured way for our community to discuss issues or make decisions collectively and influence policy and planning on our East Marsh.
  • An East Marsh Newspaper
  • An East Marsh Podcast
  • An East Marsh Community Radio Station.

Additionally, we will work with our community to foster and develop a Plan for the East Marsh that includes our economy and employment, streets and houses, parks and community facilities.

And it is important to remember our children and young people – this is their East Marsh. So, we vow that the needs of future generations will be accorded the same importance as current generations.

Do we want to let Party politicians guided only by their London Party machine and Party ideology, organise our lives for us? We say no. We East Marshians are the experts on the East Marsh, we will find our own solutions. Your Voice matters, let’s take back the East Marsh: it’s Time4Change 

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