Get your voice heard: East Marsh People’s Assembly

Join us on April 9th at 7pm for a very different kind of meeting. The community is at the heart of United4EastMarsh, so we’re holding regular meet-ups where everyone’s voice will be heard, where we can share what really matters to us and start to build a picture how things could be better around here.

We’ll be happy to share about the campaign but most of the time will be for everyone to discuss the things that matter to us. Some good facilitators are coming along to help us structure the conversation in a careful way so that it doesn’t become like most boring political meetings where a few people talk while everyone listens. This project and this campaign is about ALL of us, so we need to find new ways to raise ALL of our voices. We’ll do our best at least. All of that said, that means everyone and anyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a politico, or an expert on the local area, any part of your experience is important to share.If you can’t make this one, we’ll be doing them every week until the election and, after we win too.

We are making change happen united with our community so come and be in community with us and be a part of the change we’re making happen!

Sign up here: United4EastMarsh Online People’s Assembly

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