United4EastMarsh: Action not Words

In some parts of our East Marsh, you can walk out of your front door and there’s a new horror out there to greet you – a bag of rubbish, a wheelie bin spilling over or tipped over – and there is always glass and dog shit on our pavements, rubbish blocking up our back alleys. And there’s a feeling that nothing can be done about it – because nothing HAS been done about it! And people have given up because the problems just seem overwhelming. But, this has such a terrible effect on all of us, on our well-being, on our picture of ourselves and of how others see us.

We will start a powerful campaign across the whole of the East Marsh, working with the Council and with grassroots Community Groups: 

  • Community and Council Cleanups – including free skips every so often: clear your yards and alleys out!
  • Six Feet of Your Street – a campaign to encourage personal responsibility for our streets
  • A community-led programme of information, education and entertainment for children (of all ages) all about cleaning and greening – spiced up with all kinds of art and music
  • Let the East Marsh bloom – hanging baskets and flowers anywhere and everywhere Green 
  • A project of community management of Grant Thorold park, the green lung of the East Marsh

We will work from inside the council and with the community to get the Wheelie bins moved off the frontages of houses.

We will work to implement the East Marsh NRA (Neighbourhood Area Renewal Action Plan) which offers imaginative solutions to many of the problems faced by older houses in the 21st Century.

Let’s face it, nobody is coming to help us clean our streets, so up with it do we put? Do we hell. We can make this change happen ourselves, so let’s just get on and do it. Action, not words, let’s clean up the East Marsh: it’s Time4Change 

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