Our East Marsh Home and the East Marsh Plan

A home isn’t just a roof over our heads. A home is a place where we feel loved and where we love others. It’s a place we belong. Love is what makes a home, not the contents inside the house or the number on the door. The East Marsh is our home. It’s a historic place. It is struggling and our people are struggling. History teaches us that things can be different and that together we can make that difference. How do we picture ourselves living in 5 years, 10 years? If we have a better idea in our heads, we have to start making change happen now. We can’t wait for change to happen, it is Time4Change now.

So, what if there were some kind of a plan we could put into action to make our streets safer, to let our kids play out in their neighbourhoods, to solve the fly tipping and rubbish problems, to reduce crime, to slow cars down and to make our East Marsh a beautiful, pleasing place to live?

Well, there is. It’s called the East Marsh Neighbourhood Renewal Area Action Plan – a bit of a mouthful, so let’s just call it the East Marsh Plan.

The East Marsh Plan is big and bold and beautiful and if it were put into action it would transform the East Marsh for a generation. The plan includes a menu of projects ranging from the very small to the very large, all of which are still relevant. In fact, very little has changed since the plan was published in 2010, apart, perhaps, from the fact that the area has further deteriorated. This visionary plan, put into action, would help to make us East Marshians proud of our East Marsh once again.

So, if it’s there, why isn’t it happening?

First of all, such a plan is not on the agenda of any of the helping agencies, it is not on the agenda of the council. The Freemen are making some amazing change happen at the docks end of the East Marsh, but that’s not where we are, where we live, and as far as I know, apart from the potential ‘knock-ons’ of the changes in the Freeman Street area, there are no actual plans to become involved in our patch – and why would they, they are not responsible for it…  (we are!)

Secondly, there is a localised sense of not being able to do anything about anything – it all seems such a big mess and, well, who knows how to even start?

But, here’s the thing. We can do something because we have on our side the heart and strength and passion of we East Marshians, the determination and power held by people who get organised and stand together in common purpose. We have already shown that with East Marsh United. So, let’s take this wonderful plan and make it a reality. Let’s change our world.

This mess, this chaos that we see around us here, has been made by us humans. Us humans can also unmake it and remake it, but better. Much better. Beautiful. We East Marshians are responsible for OUR East Marsh. We East Marshians CAN and ARE making change happen. So, let’s work to make OUR East Marsh beautiful for the generations of young and growing children and make it a place, a neighborhood, a home where they can say ‘I’m a Proud East Marshian’.

When elected Lee and Billy (Coulbeck and Dasein) will find a way to make it a reality.

Click on this link to download the plan and read for yourself – and please do share this and the plan itself, let’s get it out there and let’s transform the East Marsh together: Download the East Marsh Plan

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